Welcome to Studio Farm! Studio Farm, located in Voluntown, CT, chose its name from the era when silent movies were made at the farm in the early 1900s. Film stars such as Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., and Ethel Waters appeared in films shot at the farm.

Today, Studio Farm is...

To our Valued Customers:

You will notice there is no longer any reference to “organic” on our website or in our labeling because we have decided not to renew our organic certification in 2013.  We’re trying to simplify our lives a little and have chosen to focus our energy on growing healthy, nutritious veggies and berries rather than completing paperwork.  We will continue using the same growing practices as set forth in the National Organic Program just without the cost and oversight of a certifying agency.  Since we have surrendered our organic certification, we are now precluded from using the word “organic”.  Please be reassured that we aim to provide the same terrific veggies and berries that we have in the past.  Don’t hesitate to chat with us about any of our growing practices if you have questions.  Thank you for your continued support.

A nice thought about the life of a farmer:

Let the Wealthy & Great,
Roll in Splendor and State,
I envy them not I declare it,
I eat my own lamb,
My chickens & ham,
I shear my own fleece & I wear it,
I have rooks, I have bowers,
I have fields, I have flowers,
The lark is my morning alarmer.
So, me jolly boys now,
Here's Godspeed the plough,
Good luck and success to the Farmer.

English Verse circa 1890

Stonyledge Farm